Dilution? What’s that?

What do I mean by Dilution? I mention it a lot in my recipes.

I base all my recipe dilutions on the chart based on  Robert Tisserand’s Dilution Chart as he, literally, wrote the book on Essential Oil Safety. The chart is gracefully provided by Plant Therapy. Why do I prefer Plant Therapy over other brands? I’ll cover that in another post.

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Dilution Charrt

So, for example, a 2% dilution would be 18 drops total of essential oils for 30 mls of carrier (oil, lotions, etc). The viscosity of the carrier does not impact the dilution rate.

Essential oils should be diluted with very few exceptions. Firstly, essential oils evaporate VERY quickly. Secondly, “neat” use (aka use without a carrier), can cause sensitization. Once you’re sensitized, you can never use that oil again.


2 thoughts on “Dilution? What’s that?

  1. I know you wrote this a long time ago so I’m not sure you’ll see this, but this Plant Therapy dilution chart is not correct. One example: 30mL (1 oz) carrier at 1% dilution would be 6 drops (NOT 9), 2% dilution would be 12 drops (NOT 18) essential oils. There are about 600 drops in a 30mL container, so 600 x .01 = 6 drops EOs, and 600 x .02 = 12 drops EOs. I tried to find the chart on Plant Therapy’s website but couldn’t; maybe they removed it. Best regards.


    • Hi Melissa! Plant Therapy works with Robert Tisserand and uses his recommendations for safety from his book “Essential Oil Safety”. I ALWAYS appreciate even more conservative charts, so definitely use the formula/chart that makes you most comfortable. Thankful for people like you who keep saftey in mind! – Jen


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