Follow Up Friday

Oil Cleansing Method

Each Friday I will be reviewing my experience with the Make Your Own Monday DIY of the week. This week was the Oil Cleansing Method. I’ve heard about it before Monday, but I’ve been too nervous to try as my skin is very prone to breakouts and is very sensitive. This was just the push I need. I used 20% Castor Oil and 80% Grapeseed oil with 1% Dilution Lavender Essential Oil for my sensitive skin.

To do this, I don’t even remove my makeup first. I add about a quarter-size amount of oil to my hand and rub together to get it warm. It’s really need to feel it heating in your hands! Then apply to your face and massage for at least 3 minutes. I try to let my mind drift and massage as long as possible. Afterwards, use water as hot as you can stand on a wash cloth, ring it out, and lay it over your face. Let it steam your face until the cloth gets cool (about a minute). Repeat with heating the wash cloth and steaming at least once more, but I usually do it three times. On the last time, gently wipe off the remaining oil.

Results? I had three tiny pimples show up, but I understand this is normal when you first start as you’re drawing out the gunk…or so they say. I’m going to keep it up for another week, but this time I’m going to use Sunflower Seed oil as it’s less comedogenic (less likely to cause breakouts).

Over all, I find it relaxing and look forward to it each night. The only downside is you should really use a new washcloth each time, so that creates more laundry. It’s also suggested to not use fabric softener of your washcloths, so that means a separate load just for washcloths.


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