Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner

You can wash your floors with just vinegar and water, but I like a little extra cleaning power. I found this recipe from The Homestead Survival that uses a little Castile soap and Essential Oils as well. I went with plain Lemon essential oil, but you can use the suggestion of Homestead Survival and use Eucalyptus (if you have children under 10, do this while they are in another room or not home as Eucalyptus isn’t safe because of the high 1,8 cineole content and can slow breathing.), which aides in killing dust mites, and Tea Tree oil, which aides in killing mold and mildew.


1 Gallon Hot Water
1/4 Cup Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Castile Soap (or any Dish soap)
8-12 Drops Essential Oils


Add hot water to sink or bucket, add in Vinegar, Castile Soap or Dish Soap, and Essential Oils. Mix until combined.

Castile Soap and Vinegar will have a reaction and make the water cloudy. Don’t worry, this is completely normal.


I LOVED this! It even cleaned up those mystery stains beautifully. You know the ones, where you find weird build up around your dishwasher, garbage can, or fridge? They just disappeared with very little effort. The Lemon oil also gave me that lemon-fresh smell I’m used to while mopping…or well, while Dave mops.


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