Follow Up Friday!

Aromatherapy Play Sand!

Aromatherapy Play Sand

Adapted from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Plant Therapy’s Make Your Own Monday was an Aromatherapy Play Sand this week. The author wasn’t crazy about how it didn’t stick together well, so I found another recipe to try.


1 large container big enough for sand play
2.5 Cups Play Sand
1.5 Cups All Purpose Flour
0.5 Cups Vegetable Oil
15 drops Kid Safe Essential Oil (We used Lavender Population)


Combine all ingredients in large container and mix well.


Aromatherapy Play Sand

It sticks together REALLY well! She’s played with it every day after school and is so nice and calm afterwards. I definitely recommend this as a fun kid activity for all my friends with kids. Provides at least an hour of quiet time while I cook dinner or do whatever needs done while she plays.


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