Strawberry Gummies

Homemade Strawberry Gummies


I don’t take great pics anyway, but extra sorry for the crummy cell phone picture! Dave had the camera. 😀


18-20 Strawberries (Fresh or Frozen)
1 Cup water
3 Tablespoons Gelatin (Grass-fed if possible)
1/4 Cup Raw Honey


Add water and strawberries to small saucepan and simmer on medium-high until strawberries are mushy. Using the back of a spoon or potato masher, mush out as much liquid from the strawberries as possible while still simmering.

Remove from heat, and strain through a fine sieve mushing out as much liquid as possible from the strawberries. Discard the solids. You want 1 cup of strawberry juice. If you don’t have enough, add water or orange juice to get 1 full cup.

While liquid is still warm, slowly add your gelatin a little at a time being careful not to get clumps (If you do, no big deal, just strain again).

Once liquid is mostly cool, add in your 1/4 cup honey.

Pour into greased molds (You can use your cooking spray or coconut oil, but I tried coconut oil last time when I made elderberry gummies, and had to remove little flakes of CO from each gummy….it was…not fun).

Refrigerate for 1-3 hours until solid.


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