Layered Soap and Sugar Scrub Bars

Layered Soap and Sugar Scrub Bars

2 Soap Molds (Mine are approximately 3 1/4″ wide x 2 3/8″ x 1″, but adjust recipe for your molds).

For First Layer:
2 oz Clear Melt And Pour Soap Base
10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
Rubbing Alcohol in a Spray Bottle

For Second Layer:
4 oz Goat’s Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base
1 teaspoons Jojoba Oil (or other Carrier oil)
20 Drops Essential Oils
Soap Colorant (Optional)
4 oz Sugar


For First Layer:
Melt Clear soap in double-boiler, or use a small sauce pan with 1 inch of water and a glass measuring cup. Once soap is fully melted, remove from heat, and add Lavender Essential Oil. Stir to combine, and pour into your molds dividing the soap equally. Spray with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles, and let cool completely.

For Second Layer:
Melt Goat’s Milk soap using instructions for First Layer. Once soap is fully melted, remove from heat, and add Jojoba Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Soap Colorant if using. Add Sugar, and stir to combine. Spray the First Layer with Rubbing Alcohol again, and then pour sugar scrub layer into molds and allow to cool completely.

Remove from molds and package!

If you use plastic molds, I find the soap comes out MUCH easier if you place them in the freezer for 5 minutes once soap has cooled completely. Then, they take a little muscle, but they will release much easier.


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