SURPRISE! Giveaway Time! It IS the Holidays after all!

Giveaway Time!

How about a RANDOM Giveaway! Completely unplanned, but it IS the holidays!

Up for grabs, a Foot Balm, a Coffee Soap, a Lemon Oatmeal Soap, a Lotion Bar, and a Lip Balm Pack! And who knows, there could be another surprise!!!

Giveaway closes TOMORROW, December 18th, at Midnight. To be entered go HERE!


Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap


8 oz Melt and Pour Soap (I used Cocoa Butter)
1/4 Cup Ground Coffee
20 Drops Coffee Essential Oil
20 Drops Vanilla CO2 Extract


Melt Melt & Pour soap in a double boiler over low medium heat watching to make sure the water never boils. Once fully melted, stir in Ground Coffee and drop in essential oils. Stir to combine and pour into molds.


If using plastic molds instead of silicone, pop in the freezer once hardened for about 5-10 minutes and they should come right out.